So you think you know Gaia?

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Februrary 18, I think it was 2003 when an addicting website was built. This website had people called Gaians. GaiaOnline was born. Throughout the years, Gaia made some minor, or drastic, changes. It was addicting, annoying sometimes, but fun and awesome. Many people joined and made it what it is today. You may be one of them.

The thing is, how well do you accually know it? You may have an account, but that doesn't mean your a TRUE Gaian. Only true Gaians will get 100%. No cheating please, and have fun! :3

Created by: Kate Johnston

  1. How many games are there on Gaia?
  2. One of the sig. rules: Total byte-size of less than _______ bytes. Fill in the blank
  3. Who is the owner of Barton Jewelers?
  4. In Dernier Cri, how much is the most expensive item?
  5. Just pick something and hope you get lucky.
  6. How much gold do you need to get a trading pass?
  7. Rounding to the nearest 100,000 what is the average lowest buy now price for Masquerade?
  8. What is the 4th tag for the Bitter Porridge?
  9. What were the monthly collectables for October 2009?
  10. My username is Kate11168 will you leave a comment on my profile?

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