Snow Day Probability Test

There are many snow day predictors out there, but none of them take into account meteorology. This one isn't 100% accurate, but one of the most accurate that I've seen.

I hope you like the quiz and that you get a snow day tomorrow because they're always fun and you get a lot more privileges. Now, enjoy the quiz! .....

Created by: Athena
  1. What is the forecasted Fahrenheit temperature for 6:00-7:00 tomorrow?
  2. What is the forecasted wind chill (Fahrenheit) at 6-7 am tomorrow?
  3. What is the forecasted snow accumulation (overnight)?
  4. What is the forecasted probability of precipitation (overnight)
  5. What is the current temperature (Fahrenheit)
  6. What region of the U.S. do you live in?
  7. How many snow days have you had so far in the school year?
  8. Is it currently precipitating?
  9. Do you live in a rural area, or are there rural areas in your school bus routes?
  10. Is the snow sticking to the roads?
  11. Are the roads slick?
  12. What is the general consensus among teachers and peers?(Positive/Negative about snow day)

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