Smallio's Lyrics Quiz

There are so many songs,but just not enough time!Lots of people like music,and this quiz is to test if you deserve to be crowned king/queen of music!Good Luck!

Do YOU have the memory and hearing to be crowned king/queen of music?You might!Almost everyone loves the sweet,sweet sound of music high and low!Good Luck!

Created by: Small

  1. Okay,today we will be learning lyrics!You better have listened to losts of songs,because here we go!
  2. You make me happy,when skies are grey.
  3. I just dont get it!Why do you wann stay?
  4. In the _______ ______,Were your worst fears come true.
  5. Why'd you lock the door?Dont you like us anymore?
  6. I dunno what I was thinking,leaving my child behind.
  7. Tick Tock,watch the hours on the clock.
  8. Just Take a look at me,cant you see the death in my eyes?
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