Simple Solution April Fools' Day Quiz

Every April Fools' Day the ritual is the same. Outrageously false facts or stories "” issued by a variety of sources. The challenge for all of us is to sort out the April Foolery from the weird claims that are actually true.

Listed below are ten pet-related claims. Some are true and some are false. Can you tell the difference between the two? For each question, select either TRUE or APRIL FOOLS.

Created by: Angela
  1. "Meezer" is a common name for a male Siamese cat
  2. It takes a newborn puppy 10 minutes to open its eyes after birth
  3. Cats were first domesticated in 1942
  4. A cat has six nose whiskers on each side
  5. Cats are unable to taste sweet things
  6. The roughness of a cats tongue helps them whistle
  7. Most puppies have short attention spans
  8. A blue-eyed white cat is most likely to be deaf
  9. A mostly black cat with a white face and chest is called a penguin cat
  10. The first cat to live in the White House belonged to Lincoln's son, Tad

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