Shuppiden War Test

Their are many shuppiden and lots died in war will you survive the war and grow up and be hokage man this is a lot of work because I am hokage I have to right all this stuff.

And I am really tired you know so I Am going to get ready you know you know that killer bee told me you know you know this is my second paragraph I have.

Created by: deshario

  1. What mission you take?
  2. What village you live in?
  3. What do you use in battle?
  4. What type of jutsu you use the most?
  5. How many chakra points you have?
  6. What clan you will join?
  7. What jutsu you use the most?
  8. If you are about to be deafted what will you do.
  9. What type are you?
  10. What is your weakness?

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