Shout outz to my friendz

Fruits I know: apples apricots peachs pears plums bananas oranges durians cherries grapes mangoes kiwies limes lemons grapefruits watermelons rassberries blueberries blackberries golden rassberries hukleberries and cramberries

vegtables i know: carrots peas brokolies coliflowers patatoes tamatoes cukumbers zoocinies mushrooms corns brussel sprouts beans selery pickles and lettuces

Created by: The best tomboy

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  1. wa sup yo!?
  2. Master Chill (ICEE_CHILL)- you are the best master a girl could get! You are kind, energetic, and funny!
  3. Unloving- You are nice, wise, and amazing. You are a great friend.
  4. DaughterOfApollo-You are kind, loving, and care. You are the nicest person on here i find...XD
  5. datz all
  6. face?
  7. i got nothing...uh... food?
  8. hair
  9. chat room:]
  10. adious

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