Should you play a Priest or Mystic in TERA?

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Since discovering TERA-online (US version, that we are waiting on) the Priest vs. Mystic debate has been a common theme. This quiz attempts to help players decide what they may better enjoy.

This is by no means a definitive quiz, with a definite answer. This is just a fun guide that I hope you will enjoy undertaking. This quiz was last updated at 2am on the 14th of July 2011

Created by: zala
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  1. It's late at night and your walking back to the village on your own. Suddenly you are ambushed! What do you do?
  2. Their is a weapon sale in your local city. You arrive at the sale and run straight for the box of:
  3. The tank has just suffered a massive hit in hitpoints, this needs to be remedied immediately. The first thing you do is:
  4. During a boss fight you are required to heal. You feel more comfortable casting:
  5. In an MMORPG your favourite thing to do is:
  6. I enjoy having combat pets, even if I may have little to no control over them
  7. You have to have a instant self heal
  8. You like "_______" idea best
  9. When soloing you....
  10. The race you intend to play is
  11. The race you intend to play is
  12. You would rather have:

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Quiz topic: Should I play a Priest or Mystic in TERA?