Should you have pasted the 6th grade?

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many people in this world are smart, but only some are geniuses. geniuses are exeptionally gifted. But this quiz isn't for that, Its to see if you are a bright kid.

Are you smart enough to go on to a higher grade? Take this quiz and see If you have the smarts to be able to be a self-respected and a smart good kid!

Created by: l8rg8r23

  1. What type of weather is associatted with a cold front?
  2. what is the ancient Pyramid called?
  3. What is a Vertical angle?
  4. what is a counter-argument?
  5. what continent was the fertile crescent on?
  6. what is gradient?
  7. what is the Pythagorean therm?
  8. what does Parson mean?
  9. what was The Other Species of human?
  10. Have you ever been to Health class?
  11. What is home arts?

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Quiz topic: Should I have pasted the 6th grade?