Should you graduate high school?

Theres a lot of people that want ther diplomas. But, most dont deserve them. the people who really, really want there diplomas try there very best in school and want to be succesfull. I think that everyone wants to be succesfull though. But, this quiz could be wrong. So, dont let this quiz get to you.

Do you want your high school diploma? Do you think you deserve it? With this quiz you will find out if you deserve your high school diploma. But, remember dont let this quiz get to you. It doesn't always give you the right answer.

Created by: amanda
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you good in school?
  2. do you get good grades?
  3. do you do your homework?
  4. when you do an essay, do you do the min. or max. amount of pages?
  5. Do you like school? (this question kinda effects your score a little bit)
  6. are you always in after school or during lunc doing work?
  7. does work that you dont get done effect after school activities? (with friends or stuff at school)
  8. do you try your best in school?
  9. do you want your high school diploma?
  10. are you ready for the results?

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Quiz topic: Should I graduate high school?