Should you give him/her another chance?

This quiz is for people who broke up with their boy or girl friends, and are wondering for some reason whether they should give them another chance. Whether your girl or boyfriend wants to get back together, and you don't know if you should, or you are having feelings for your X again and you want to know if you should get back together, this is the quiz for you. Or if you really dislike your X and you want to make sure it says you shouldn't give him/her another chance, this quiz is also for you.

This quiz is just for fun. I'm not sure about the accuracy in it. It was kind of hard to make, and may be a little bit confusing. This quiz isn't the best out of all the quizzes i've made. I hope you like it. Please rate or leave a comment at the end.

Created by: person
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How would you describe him/her
  2. Has he/she ever cheated on you?
  3. Has he/she ever lied to you? (anything about cheating doesn't count for this question)
  4. Has he/she ever physically hurt you?
  5. Why did you break up with him/her
  6. How much do you still have feelings for him/her?
  7. Have you already given him/her another chance?
  8. Would you be committed in a relationship with him/her
  9. Did you and him/her fight a lot in your relationship?
  10. Did you like this quiz? It will not effect your score

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Quiz topic: Should I give him/her another chance?