should I have a horse?

My quiz is about taking care of horese and if you have the skills to properly take care of a horse.So do you have what it takes? If you thionk you do, then show me!

My quiz is a quiz like no other. It wants to see if you can take care of a big and powerful anomal like a horse. This quiz can be very helpful to people who want to learn about horses and call one their own. Thank you!

Created by: :D
  1. how often would you feed your horse?
  2. Will your horse be broke(able to ride?)
  3. will you take your horse to the vet if he or her is hurt?
  4. if you go on a family vacation who will watch your horse?
  5. are you scared of horses?
  6. are you responsible?
  7. would you ask mom and dad first?
  8. would you abuse your horse?
  9. do you have any horse experience?
  10. will you send your horse to a meat slaughter?

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