See how mean you are

There are many mean siblings, but how many EVIL siblings? Well, take this quiz and you will find out how evil, mean, cruel, are!

So, in this EPIC quiz, make sure you know what you do to or with your siblings, find out NOW!!! This IS an EPIC quiz...I DARE you to take it, RIGHT NOW!!!

Created by: Sarah Andrews
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  1. Do you like to pick on your siblings?
  2. Do you hit them a lot?
  3. Do you not pay attention to them?
  4. Do you like to be with your friends more than siblings?
  5. Do you plug your ears when your siblings ask you something?
  6. Do you sometimes punch, kick ot bite your siblings?
  7. Do you fight back when a sibling is mean to you?
  8. Do you hate your older siblings?
  9. Do you have older siblings that you don't like?
  10. Do you have younger siblings you don't like?

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