Secret Pals Contest Quiz

This quiz will challenge your knowledge of the Secret Pals Swap rules, as well as the Crochetville Forum Guidelines, and anything to do with the swapping experience.

If you score 85% or better you will be automatically entered into the drawing contest for a special prize. The purpose of this contest and quiz is to help you become more familiar with the rules and guidelines, in a fun-spirited way.

Created by: The Shrone

  1. Who are the coordinators for this swap?
  2. What date is the internationally mailing deadline?
  3. Delivery confirmation, when available, is a requirement.
  4. What will happen to you if you fail to mail your final/reveal package according to the mailing deadline?
  5. How often am I required to contact my Known SP?
  6. What two ways of saying "thank you" is mandatory?
  7. Who are Anna's special assistants?
  8. Who created the Secret Pals Mission Statement?
  9. The $25 spending minimum does not include postage.
  10. Where would you find the Secret Pal FAQs?
  11. What are the names of the summer camps for this round?
  12. If your coordinator contacts you by e-mail or PM, how many days do you have to give your reply?
  13. How many days duration is the Summer Round?
  14. If you go on vacation or are going to be away from your home/work computer during the swap, you are excused from following the swap rules.
  15. What is the new cost of the USPS Priority Mail flat rate box?
  16. Sending electronic communications is the only way you can contact your Known Pal.
  17. What is the minimum number of times you should contact your Known SP?
  18. If you plan on sending only one package, who should you notify of your mailing intention?
  19. What are the dates for the Secret Pals Winter Round?
  20. What is the URL of the Secret Pals blog?
  21. What will happen if more than 2 weeks lapses and you have not responded to repeat e-mails or PM' from the coordinator?
  22. Which of the following is NOT a category on the Secret Pals blog?
  23. Who is your Unknown Pal?
  24. How many "Secret Pals" do you have during the round?
  25. What does the term "crochet related" item mean?
  26. What US postal holiday(s) will happen during the duration of this swap?
  27. Who are the Crochetville forum administrators?
  28. How many opportunities are you given to comply with the POSTMARK BY guidelines of the swaps in which you have chosen to participate?
  29. If you are placed on probation this means you cannot participate in any swaps.
  30. Who are the Rescue Rangers?
  31. What happens if you accidentally reveal yourself to you Known SP?

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