Secret Circle Quiz....yay!

The secret circle is a tv show almoust like vampire diaries, it's fun and awesome... And u must say AWESOME!! But do u know what is it, do u watch it?? Have u??

Come on and take this quiz to find ot your knowledge of the Secret circle (tv show not book!) come on and take my quiz. Please! Just test what u really know!

Created by: PuffBall

  1. What happened at the beginning of the first season/ first episode hint: mom
  2. Who is Jake?
  3. Who is the girl in the circle who is best friends with Melissa and wants power
  4. Who is Lucy at the first season?
  5. What happened to Nick?
  6. Who survived/ think survived/ mayor possibility survived the boat fire of the circle's parents?
  7. Who was Adams girlfriend in first season? REMEBER : WAS
  8. Do u know what the Secret circle is or at least Vampire diaries??
  9. What did Faye actentaly did to the school??
  10. What is the crystal???

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