Ryan's Math Quiz

There are alot of smaty student out therem but few are math wiz's. A Genius after all is someone with an extrodinarily clever mind. Are you able to solve these 10 problems? Get right at it and see for yourself.

Do you think your are a math wiz. Do you have the power to solve ryan's questions? , if so try this quiz and you'll see if you know your rules for Transformational Geometry!

Created by: Ryan McCarthy
  1. If you have points A(1,2) B(3,4) and C(5,6). Given the mapping rule (x,y)->(x,-y) give the new points A',B' and C'.
  2. What Would you get if you Translated points A(4,9) and B(-3,5) 5 right and 2 down.
  3. Explain (x,y)->(x-7,y+3)
  4. What is the Mapping Rule For a 270 degree cw rotation.
  5. Give the mapping rule for a translation 3 right 2 up
  6. Name this Mapping Notation. (x,y)->(2x,2y)
  7. Reflection On the Line Y=X has a negative slope.
  8. The Mapping rule for 180 degrees ccw or cw rotation is (x,y)->(-x,-y)
  9. If you graph Points A(4,6) B(-5,3) and C(3,-9) and you reflected the figure on the y-axis, what would points A'B' and C' be.
  10. A Dilation Is only a reduction of a figure.

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