Are you one off the three buddies from dream smp!!! Eathier tommy tubbo or will. all of them diferent but great together! Do this with your friends and find out who u r!

Find out your answer here! i think tommy is a sweet and funny child, tubbo likedabee and very funny!!!! this was fun for me to make and i hope it was funt to take!

Created by: Sarea

  1. What do you do in war
  2. How do you think of your friends.
  3. What do you do in your free time
  4. What is your favorite bulding block
  5. What is your favorite food
  6. Youtube of Twich?
  7. What is your Faveofite animal
  8. What kind of person are you
  9. Lmanburg, technoblade, Manburg, Pogtopia?
  10. What would you but at the mall
  11. How Old is yout mental age

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