Rock guitarists quiz

When the word ''rock'' is mentioned, the first association is often an electric guitar. There were, and there still are, many masters of this instrument. Think you know them? Take this quiz and find out if that's true.

Like the rock music? Think you know a lot of guitar players? Well, now it's time to find out. Take this stupid quiz and see what's your knowledge about rock guitar players.

Created by: Undying
  1. Who was the guitarist with Led Zeppelin?
  2. This guitar hero died in 1970:
  3. This guitarist, who died too young, is probably the greatest slide guitar player of all time. His name is:
  4. Who didn't play with The Yardbirds?
  5. Two-handed or double tap is the trademark of this guitarist. His name is:
  6. Slowhand is his nickname but also one of his solo albums. Who is this legend?
  7. He designed one of the most popular guitars ever when he teamed up with Gibson. He is:
  8. Who didn't play with Ozzy Osbourne on his solo recordings?
  9. ''You really got me'' is considered to be one of the first hard rock songs because of its heavy riff. That riff was played by:
  10. Who was the lead guitar player with The Stooges on the ''Raw power'' album?
  11. Sonic Youth has two guitarists. One is Thurston Moore and the other one is:
  12. Who named his guitar ''Lucille''?
  13. Who never played with The Byrds?
  14. Tom Verlaine was the leader and guitarist of NY band Television. Their second guitarist was:
  15. His essential recording is ''Maggot Brain''. Who is this great player?

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