Which Type of Anarchist are You?

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Which Type of Anarchist are You?
Your Result: Geolibertarian

Geolibertarianism is a political and economic ideology particularly committed to tax reform that integrates libertarianism with Georgism (alternatively geoism or geonomics). It is most often associated with the libertarian left or the radical center. Geolibertarians hold that geographical space and raw natural resources"”any assets that qualify as land by economic definition"”are rivalrous goods to be considered common property or more accurately unowned, which all individuals share an equal human right to access, not capital wealth to be privatized fully and absolutely. Therefore, landholders must pay compensation according to the rental value decided by the free market, absent any improvements, to the community for the civil right of usufruct (that is, legally recognized exclusive possession with restrictions on property abuse) or otherwise fee simple title with no such restrictions. Geolibertarians include both minarchists and anarchists (sometimes called "geoanarchists").

Proudhonian Mutualist
Collectivist Anarchist
Left Market Anarchist

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