Renaissance Quiz

This quiz was designed for DES, a school in California, in order to prepare for a test. But anyone else is welcome to take it! It s basically based on the synopsis of our textbook chapter. (If you are from another school studying this, then here you go!)

So are you ready to see if you know about the Renaissance period? Could you ace any test on the Renaissance? Well, thanks to this quiz, you can find out NOW!

Created by: Marisa
  1. What does "Renaissance" mean?
  2. What extremely important invention was created around that time?
  3. Who wrote "The Prince" due to his belief that men were deceitful greedy, and power-hungry?
  4. Who was "the First Lady of the world"?
  5. Michaelangelo was talented in many areas, but what he consider himself to be above all?
  6. Who was a monk, scholar, physician and author?
  7. Who was a, Italian poet who rewrote Roman works, made many love poems, and was considered pioneer of the Renaissance?
  8. Who of these characters were artists of some sort?
  9. What was "indulgence"?
  10. Who was Martin Luther?
  11. What is the term meaning, "separate from the Church"?
  12. WHat was the order of succession after King Henry VIII?
  13. Why did princess Mary get the nickname "Bloody Mary"?
  14. Who founded Calvinism?
  15. Calvinism believed in "predestination". What does this mean?
  16. Why did King Henry VIII start his own religion?
  17. Which one of these was NOT one of the Three Catholic Principles?
  18. Which is NOT one of the main ripple effects the Renaissance brought?

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