Renaissance/Elizabethan Warfare

This quiz was made for a school class, so the questions arent the best, and arent very specific on some of the questions. If you want better quizes goto [no urls] there are several there that are worth doing.

........I made this quiz for school. Don't ask why, and just take it, so I can get a good grade. I would have used a different quiz making program, but this is the only one I could reach from school.

Created by: Luke P.
  1. What was a invention that changed warfare in the Elizabethan Time period?
  2. Gunpowder and early artillery effected war by changing:
  3. Were the wars fought to gain territory, to crush a foe, or to gain more wealth
  4. Who managed wars?
  5. Did gunpowder and artillery cause greater causulties than older weapons?
  6. Did gunners form lines or squares during combat?
  7. Did new weapons lead to new ships?
  8. Were peasent soldiers supplied weapons or did they have to supply their own?
  9. Did knight's use lances, or spears?
  10. how long was a pike, spear, and halberd in that order.

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