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Ready or Not is a series about a girl who ... wait I'm not going to tell you. All I'm going to say is that it gets a lot better than this first quiz. So keep on staying in touch!!!

Ready or Not is a series about a girl who ... wait I'm not going to tell you. All I'm going to say is that it gets a lot better than this first quiz. So keep on staying in touch!!!!

Created by: chaz55

  1. "Don't make a sound." A voice says to me. I struggle to talk because there is something tied to my lips. My eyes are blind folded. Where am I? My blindfold is taken off to see a boy about my age. He has sparkling blue eyes and has shaggy surfer blonde hair that falls over his eyes. It's such a cliche look.
  2. "You're in good hands now. You're safe." "Wh-Who are you?" I manage to say. "I'm Jason. If it weren't for me, you would've been kidnapped in a second." "So I wasn't kidnapped?" "You were. But by the good guys. You wouldn't want to be kidnapped by the Orange Squad."
  3. "I just heard the news Jason." A guy who's also about my age walks into the dark room making it shine from the light from the door. "What news?" I ask in wonder. "You!" answers Jason. "What about me?" I ask. The new boy quickly answers, "Well you're the leader of the Grey Squad."
  4. "What's the Grey Squad?" I ask. "It is a group of five people who fight against the different color squads to defeat them. The last squad remaining is the winner." Jason replies. "So it's like a game?" "This is no game. Jason, Reid, Owen and I are here to protect you against the other forces and colors."
  5. "Well what do you win?" I ask. "You win the world. The whole entire universe will obey your command and we have chosen wisely to have you lead us into peace." Jason says. "So what do I have to do?" "We are going to train you to fight. I am the gadgets manager. Lawrence is your personal trainer. Owen is the security and Reid is your fighting partner. You and him will go fight the other two members of whatever squad we invaid."
  6. "Lily." Lawrence stands up and grabs my hand. "I would like to introduce you to the Grey Squad." I finally see Lawrence's face. He has pale skin and sparkling purple eyes. Peculiar. He has spiky brown hair that is gelled up very messy.
  7. Lawrence takes me out of the room to reveal an even larger room with a glass chandelier. The ceiling must be at least 100 feet high and the room is as big as any other room you'll ever see. Imagine your classroom multiplied by 100.
  8. Two guys are sitting on the couch across the room watching a huge screen tv. Owen, Reid. The two men stand up and I am amazed about how tall one is. One is a little taller than me. About 5'10 but the other one is about 6 feet and 10 inches tall. The tall one has blonde hair that is also spiked up like Lawrence and blue eyes that glimmer. He was wearing a jump suit that was grey like the other guys. The shorter one had brown hair that was a bit long but not too long and not covering his eyes.
  9. "Lily." Jason points to the tall one. "This is Owen." "Nice to meet you Lily." Owen is british it sounded like. "You too." I answer. "And you must be Reid." "Yes indeed." Reid walks over to Lily to shake her hand and Lily doesn't hold back.
  10. "Lily, you must be exhausted." Jason says. "I assume you would like to go to sleep. There is a room down the hall, the second door on your left, you will find an emperor size water bed." "Emperor?" I ask. "Yes emperor." Jason answers. "Until tomorrow, you shall rest. But tomorrow, at 6:00 a.m, we will start our training."

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