I'm pregnant help me. I'm only 12 and I'm like freaking out. I'm Alani and my ex is Josh. I'm on twitter too so please help me like now! Josh is 14 I am 12. I lost my virginity to him.

Help thank help thank help thank help brain help done help dying help help herp help im done help lying help im dead help now help my parents will freak out help me i need it now so like go comment. I am so stupid i wanna die. the baby was generated on friday night the 15th of may year:2015

Created by: Say wha

  1. It's really scary.Help me.
  2. It started at school with a crush.
  3. I told him I liked him, and he said he liked me.
  4. We got to know each other, and we went to the movies 1 day.
  5. And after the movie wee went to his house to spend the night...(I went to spend the night with his sister.)
  6. She fell asleep, then I heard a faint voice, he said come here. (They share a room.)
  7. So I went to see what we wanted.He said "you've had the talk right?" I said "no, but I know what it's about."
  8. Then he said "well wanna try it?" I said "why not?"
  9. So we started by kissing and you know. Then I said "That was weird but, cool." Then he said "yeah well we should get some sleep" Then I quickly replied "We can't tell ANYONE!" He said " I know!"
  10. So the next day his sister and I were playing truth or dare. (I should've known better. Oh and she's 14.)
  11. I chose dare, she said "I dare you to tell me what you did last night."
  12. Next turn I chose truth, she said "Is it true that, you had s*x with my brother?"
  13. For dare i told her i slept, for truth i said no.
  14. She said "it's ok, i won't tell."
  15. So it turns out I'm pregnant...I called Josh and said "hey i'm pregnant" he said " are you f'n kiddin' me?!" (He actually said f'n not the actual word.)
  16. So we broke up with me and I still haven't told anyone! (Except my friend on msp.)
  17. So comment like now submit bye.

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