Random Quiz 101

I don't know I don't know I don't know. I don't know what to say because this is a really stupid quiz for people that are bored. And I'm bored that's why I wrote it.

Are you bored? Do you wanna answer some stupid questions that may be stupid, I don't know. Some questions you might like. Ha, I don't know what to say in these stupid paragraph things.

Created by: XAlexX

  1. What's Justin Bieber's middle name?
  2. What does Bi mean? Someone says they're bi or you say your bi or someone says someone else is bi.
  3. Who sings the song Not Afriad
  4. What's 20+20/10
  5. Finish this....Wish _____ a ______
  6. There are 5 girls at the party and 4 guys at the party....How many guys dont have a girlfriend?
  7. What do you think this means? PHS
  8. Is this a dumb quiz?
  9. What is a Terror?
  10. Is Black and Yellow a song?
  11. Did you like this stupid quiz?

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