RANDOM (i liek purple)

There are some pretty random people out there. And then, there are the REALLY random people, the people whom we all look up to and admire, the people who stand out as leaders in the community. How random are YOU?

This quiz is a test to see how random you are. and if you make a 87-100, here a hint: try it upside down! (err if you dont get that score range just ignore that little comment there)

Created by: Sydney C.
  1. Say do u liek purple?
  2. Speaking of waffles, I saw a panda yesterday and it was eating yellow.
  3. Pick a color.
  4. This is the song that never ends....
  5. If you could have just one wish what would it be?
  6. If you could NOT have just one wish what would it be?
  7. Which is ur fave: kitties or doggies or lizards?
  8. If a ninja and chuck norris arrived at your house and demanded popcorn and rainbows what would you do?
  9. What annoys you most.
  10. Hawtest vampire?

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