Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys Quiz

This quiz is about the personell in Ralph Stanley's band...The Clinch Mountain boys. It will test your knowledge on how much you know about this bluegrass legend's hitorical band.

Do you know a whole lot about this band? Test your knowledge here! This test is the best way to prove your amount of bluegrass knowledge about this bluegrass legend and his historical band.

Created by: Nick Barton

  1. Who was the first lead singer in the Clinch Mountain Boys?
  2. Along with Ricky Skaggs, who was the other 15 year old to join the Clinch Mountain Boys?
  3. Who was the fiddle player for the Clinch Mountain Boys from 1966 to 1993?
  4. Keith Whitley had two seperate stints with Ralph Stanley.
  5. What instrument does Jack Cooke play for the Clinch Mountain Boys?
  6. What is Ralph Stanley's middle name?
  7. Who took Keith Whitley's place as lead singer in Ralph's band?
  8. What instrument did Junior Blakenship play?
  9. Which of the following people was not a member of the Clinch Mountain Boys?
  10. Today, does Ralph still play the banjo on stage?

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