R u a fairytale character

So u wanted to know ur true form get ready for a world of magic take my quiz to find out and don't forget to check out my other quiz r u a King/Queen/Prince/Princess

Thin u got what it takes to be a magic hero hero do u want to know if ur a hero hero or if ur a zero zero well then this quiz is for u please don't leave hate comments

Created by: It'z Just TayTay

  1. How Old R U
  2. What food have u eaten ( no effect peoples)
  3. What type of clothes do u wear people (
  4. Do u have an accent
  5. Is it day /night middle of the night /middle of the day end of today
  6. Would u have magical powers
  7. What would u look like
  8. Where r u in the world
  9. What's ur favorite color
  10. How was this quiz

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