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The Punisher... violent vigilante, dark hero... any label means the same thing: revenge and Punishment for the guilty. His methods aren't pretty, and his motives are sometimes sketchy... heroes think he's an outright menace. How do you see him?

Since his creation in the seventies, the Punisher has found a niche in society that wants to see criminals harshly punished for their violent crimes. How long have you been a fan? This quiz will test your general Punisher knowledge, from the comic books to the films.

Created by: gpa_kevin
  1. According to official canon, what branch of the military was Frank Castle in?
  2. The Punisher is always portrayed with the same skull design.
  3. According to the earliest origin stories, who is responsible for the death of Frank Castle's family?
  4. Who is the Punisher's longest running foe in the Marvel universe?
  5. Which one of the following heroes has the Punisher never encountered, according to canon?
  6. According to the earliest telling in the comics, what circumstances surrounded the destruction of Jigsaw's face?
  7. The Punisher once rescued a Rottweiler and kept him as a pet; what was the dog's name?
  8. Before joining the military, Castle had studied to become what?
  9. What is Jigsaw's name?
  10. What is the primary personal motivation behind Microchip becoming the Punisher's long-running intelligence and weaponry expert?
  11. What was the first comic title to show Castle fighting with actual firearms to battle the mob?
  12. In the Garth Ennis/Marvel Knights arc "Streets of Laredo," what did Castle say would be his motto if he had one?
  13. Who wrote the first Punisher story?
  14. What was the outcome of the Marvel/DC crossover "Punisher/Batman" that featured Bruce Wayne?
  15. Which film version of the Punisher is Batman referenced in?
  16. "Sic vis pacem, para bellum" was used in the 2004 Punisher film, but it was inspired by the same line in which Punisher comic?
  17. Frank Castle has killed a homeless person on more than one occasion.
  18. Daredevil and the Punisher usually get along.
  19. Nick Fury has serious respect for the Punisher.
  20. The Punisher has tried to kill Nick Fury.
  21. Wife, Daughter, Son (canonical)

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