Puella Magi Madoka Magica Quiz

Are you a die heart fan of Puella Magi Madoka Magica? Well then test you knolege of the seiries by tacking this 11 question quiz. If you manege to do good then you earn bragging rights.

Chalenge your friends to this quiz and see their score. But most of all have fun and do your best. But if Madoka magica is the only thing you watch then I suggest Violet Evergarden for you to whach.

Created by: Arabella

  1. What does Kyubey do with tne magical girl's souls?
  2. Which character turns into a witch?
  3. Whitch character gets killed by a witch?
  4. Who is Madoka's fatther's name?
  5. What was Sayaka's wish?
  6. What hapend after Madoka made her wish?
  7. Whene did Mami make her wish?
  8. What is Kyoko's weapon?
  9. When a magical girl kills a witch, what does it turn into?
  10. Which magical girl had the largest soul gem?
  11. How old is Nagisa Momoe?

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