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  • New eggergy
    "Wow another eggaly hater, phenomenal"
  • Big egg
    "You know it's bad and you just let it happen honestly someone should put you out of your misery"
  • Big egg
    "You always let yourself get pushed around by your so called friends it's so pathetic it's disgusting"
  • The new girl
    "A new girl just moved to your neighborhood, she's weird and kind of scary, but you want to get to know her, who is she? What happened? Why i..."
  • The egg 2.0
    "Hey that's my job!"
  • The egg 2.0
    "She has no place in this world she is a selfish useless brat with no real knowledge of struggle in life yet she still complains endlessly th..."
  • The egg 2.0
    "Because I f---ing hate her, I wish she was dead"
  • The egg 2.0
    "Stop complaining so much you stupid annoying b----, you should end yourself like are you stupid or just pig headed, it's fúcking pathetic ho"
  • The egg 2.0
    "fûck off eggaly"
  • "Gaybirella"
  • "Eggayly"
  • A person to talk to
    "Forget it babe, this b---- obviously won't accept the help of someone who's offering it"
  • I don't think
    "Hey acsmelly when are you gonna stop being stupid and associating with eggs"
  • Greetings, mortals.
    "And I pity yours b------"
  • The egg 2.0
    "You're so pathetic it's hilarious"

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