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  • 4 o'clock thread
    "You're pathetic. I'm tired of being around you"
  • 4 o'clock thread
    "Couldn't even remember to turn on your stupid alarms. It's pathetic"
  • 4 o'clock thread
    "Eggs you failed. Like you do with everything else in your life"
  • 4 o'clock thread
    "It was always like this egg, today you just recorded her"
    "Would it kill you to accept a hug once in awhile, the way you react if f---ing pathetic"
    " watch yourself fade into obscurity and never be missed b----. "
  • DnD today
    "Don't worry egg, its better this way. Maybe now you'll learn to love yourself better"
  • DnD today
    "You forgot to do laundry again you worthless piece of s---. I bet the reason you'll die is alzheimer's, I swear someone ought to end you. Do..."
  • DnD today
    "Your writing is so incompetent it makes me laugh"
  • My vent thread
    "You should be dead someone should shoot you you're such an awful person I can't even stand you you're everything I hate the world would be b..."
  • My vent thread
    "You forgot to hide it you idiotic motherf---er stupid Emily always doing crap like this, this is why everyone hates you! I hate you!"
  • "https: //"
  • My vent thread
    "You're a terrible person egg, and a terrible friend. You abandoned then it's your fault they're gone even if they didn't talk to you. You sh..."
  • Spring break
    "Oh really egg, you're just gonna cry about it, honestly this is why I can't stand you! It's not even that big of a deal and you're bawling y..."
  • I love you, Silas
    "Ok bone bag"

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