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  • "Kick"
  • OuO
    "Kish - xD To tell you the truth, I call everyone that."
  • OuO
    "Kish - xD I don't know, dude. Eva - Thank goodness :P"
  • OuO
    "Kish - x-x A very rude man who is older than me by a couple years. Eva - :P I didn't scare you, did I?"
  • "Someone. x-x How rude of you. Poke in the eye."
  • OuO
    "Eva - xD I've been here longer than you, sweetheart. I know most people who are here. Although, I've never made an account and I accidentall..."
  • OuO
    "Eva - Please, just call me G. And, hello."
  • "xD Free steak for me. Although, I'm not actually a roleplay vampire thingy. x-x Hacked this account by accident and don't know who the real ..."
  • OuO
    "Not gonna ignore me now are ya?"
  • OuO
  • OuO
  • OuO
  • Hello!
  • "Poke"
  • Hello!

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