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  • Hey you. Click here.
    [published: Mar 14, 2015]

    Everybody needs to hear this every once in while. I love you. Just trust me. You're worth it. Smile……

  • Would I date you
    [published: Nov 06, 2014, 3 comments]

    Okay so I just made this quiz out of boredom so don't take it to seriously. That is me in the picture right……

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  • "Mlp is great cx"
  • "I agree with you Nature. You're right I've just meet you. But you're being an a--hole just because someone is different than "
  • "Wow maybe if you weren't so rude, people would like you."
  • "Oh sorry, I forgot that you know exactly how I should live my life. Please proceed while I take notes. ..."
  • "I do :3"
  • Hello
    "Ello :3"
  • I need help!
    "Omg thank you so much! That really helps a lot hon!"
  • I need help!
    "Buh thanks boo"
  • I need help!
    "It is me but I have angles lol that's why most of my face is covered. Also I'm breaking out xc"
  • I need help!
    "I've just never talked to him I'm scared"
  • I need help!
    "Well I know he likes music bc he a.ways has his headphones in so that's where I was going with the band shirt....but idk what bands he likes..."
  • I need help!
    "And earrings that look like screws"
  • I need help!
    "He's really f---in cute and I wanted to try to talk to him tomorrow or Monday but I'm not that attractive so I was thinking I could do somet..."
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    "I can't post pictures but there's my profile picture cx"
  • I feel fat
    "Same except everyday :c"

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