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  • "Hey Percy How are u??? Missed you dude"
  • I need to date .
  • I need to date .
  • I need to date .
    "No I need to do it...I am feeling so lonesome"
  • I need to date .
    "Hey, I am a sixteen year old girl."
  • Kiss, Marry, Kill?
  • Romeo and Juliet
    "Wow, I look foyrteen they said. But, I'm sixteen."
  • Hello People
    "Its school time, anyway. See you later..."
  • The Wedding Gift
    "Kelly moved out of the office and collided with a girl. (thats you Mac)"
  • The Wedding Gift
    "Kelly stood out in front of a big gate. She moved in straight to the office with her father. Her application was accepted ."
  • My last day on gtq
    "I have never talked to you . But, still I do care. Good bye, hope to see you soon."
  • The Wedding Gift
    "Kelly took the admission form and jumped in the car. She was joining a new school. She was nervous and her dad was asking her calm down and ..."
  • The Wedding Gift
    "(I was wondering if others don't join the RP, we can fantasize other characters and narrate them.XD)"
  • The Wedding Gift
    "Oops cancle that post..........Kelly sat back in her room filling up the admission form.."
  • The Wedding Gift
    "Kelly ran downstairs and stood in front of the girl with her bicycle and said,"Hey, looks like you're in a rush. Do you want a lift?""

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