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  • What Quidditch position do you best play?
    [published: Oct 31, 2014]

    Do you think Quidditch is fun? Then, do you want to know what position you should……

  • Are you a Slytherin?
    [published: Oct 30, 2014, 1 comment]

    Are you a Slytherin? Or do you belong in a different House? Are you a person who likes saying 'WHAT?!', or……

  • Are you a Hufflepuff?
    [published: Oct 29, 2014, 1 comment]

    Do you think you are a Hufflepuff? Or do you think you are cool? Or you think Hufflepuffs suck? Take this……

  • Are you a Ravenclaw?
    [published: Oct 29, 2014, 5 comments]

    Do you think you are a Ravenclaw? Or are you just checking you are not? Or you wish you are a Ravenclaw……

  • Are You A Gryffindor?
    [published: Oct 28, 2014]

    Are you a Gryffindor, or WHAT? A TRUE Gryffindor, I mean. If you take it with absolutely NO Harry Potter……

  • Magic or Muggle?
    [published: Sep 22, 2014, 5 comments]

    Are magical, or are you just an ordinary Muggle? Do you want to know? Are you wondering why you were not asked……

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    " My url wont show. Ah, well go to my profile, then. You can access it from there!"
  • Harry Potter
    "Hey. There is a ton of Sorting Hat quizzes. Do you think they are accurate? In my opinion, there are a ton of really useless that makes you ..."

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