Professor Layton

There are many Professor Layton fans out there, but where do you rank in the hierachy. Find out how much you are a fan of it and trust me, all it takes is the following 10 questions.

So are you ready to take the quiz, get your game brain ready because it will not be easy, remember, you will probably need some revision before hand!.

Created by: Reece Goudercourt

  1. What is the first name of the professor?
  2. What will be the name of the 6th professor layton game?
  3. how many puzzles are in all the professor layton games combined (the first 6, not including downloadable puzzles- it does include the eternal diva)?
  4. What is the name of the chef on the molentary express?
  5. complete the phrase- "that's what a gentleman ________"
  6. How many puzzles are based in the tower of st mystere
  7. Floras related to the professor
  8. my name is emmy _______
  9. how many legs does the fortress have in the third game?
  10. how many mysteries are there alltogether in the first 4 games?

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