Prep or Outcast

Have you always been wondering what kind of place you've fit in? If you take this quiz you might just get a clue. This quiz in any way is not accurate so don't get easily offended and no hate! This quiz is just for fun.

If you think you might have a clue about what class you fit in, then take this quiz to find out more! Don't worry about getting your result, there is always something good about them all!

Created by: TheEpicNagisa
  1. Which singer/bands do you prefer?
  2. Do you like videogames?
  3. Do you like Anime/Manga
  4. What do you think about the Hollister Models?
  5. What types of conversations do you prefer?
  6. Which one do you prefer?
  7. Choose one
  8. Would you add gems to your phonecase?
  9. Are you likeable?
  10. Do you have a bf/gf?
  11. Which brand do you prefer?
  12. Ready to see your results?

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