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PCC VT program: 1st year Parasitology with Dr. Haveman. Purposely designed for tech students in this class of 2008 to study parasites. Class feel free to make more test for us to practice. I probably will.

Covering ruminant parasitology. This includes all that was on the ruminant test but rephrased and rearraged so that you can't just read the right answer off your test immediately. -I just looked at the test, I don't know whats with on the 1st two Qs. I can't edit them.

Created by: Sonia

  1. Trichinella spiralis uses an ova that is passed in the stool to transmit infection to the intermediate host. It is easily floated in all fecal test.
  2. Trichinosis is acquired by ingestion of raw meat, undercooked, or decaying meat. Usually, pork or bear in the USA. It isn't zoonotic.
  3. Meat isn't inspected for Trichina worms in the muscle at slaughter in the USA
  4. there is a federal law against feeding raw and cooked garbage to pigs
  5. ______ is a prolific worm. A female may produce a=more than a million ova per day and live 8-10 years.
  6. the above parasite gives birth to larvae that can be easily floated from fresh fecal sample during diagnostics
  7. Swine ascarid larvae pass throught the bowel wall to kidneys and heart. This may causes extensive damage or just "milk spots".
  8. Swine ascarid ova are rounded, relatively large, brown, thick-shelled, and pitted ova.
  9. These ascarid ova float well on MgSO4 fecal floats.
  10. Hyostrongylus rubidus is a large strongyle of the pig and passes TSOs.
  11. Strongyloides ransomi doesn't affect swine.
  12. As with other Strongyloides spp., only the female worm is parasitic and larvae in small ova are floated on fecals.
  13. Globocephalus sp. is the swine hookworm.
  14. _______ the thorny-headed worm of pigs. It is an Ancanthocephalid worm that behaves and looks much like a tapeworm-nematode cross.
  15. There is a whipworm of the pig.
  16. The pig is infected with only infected with larvae Taenia solium tapeworms.
  17. Oesophagostomum sp. the nodular worm swine. It passes a TSO.
  18. The stomachworm of swine is Metastrongylus sp.
  19. Stephanurus dentatus is the kidney worm. Large ova of this parasite are found in the urine.
  20. Both Eimeria and Isospora infect small pigs and may cause death before patency.
  21. Ascaridia galli is an ascarid of lab animals, specifically rodents.
  22. _______ is a cecal worm that may spread blackhead to turkeys. It passes TSOs
  23. Syngamus trachea is the gapeworm. Male and female nematodes are red worms in permanent copulation.
  24. Raillietina sp. and Davainea sp. are tapeworms and has a long life cycle making difficult to establish disease.
  25. Eimeria spp. cause a great deal of economic loss and comprise the biggest parasite problem in poultry today. They are in the common group called _________.
  26. Cnemidocoptes mutans causes crusty lesions on the cere, leg, periorbita, and vent of cage birds, primarily budgies. It is a round mite.
  27. Sternostoma tracheocolum is the air sac mite. There are no clinical signs.
  28. Pinworms are not zoonotic.
  29. One way to diagnose mites on rodents is to bath them and see what floats.
  30. Hymenolepsis sp. is a tapeworm of rodents.
  31. Lice are uncommon on Guinea Pigs and maybe seen with the naked eye.
  32. Coccidiosis, enteric and hepatic, is the primary parasite of rabbits
  33. Psoroptes cunniculi is a worm of the rabbit.
  34. Primates have only one zoonotic diseases
  35. Giardiasis of the Cockatiels commonly causes a sore under the wing or on the body with feather loss. It can be spread to the birds's owner and cause diarrhea.
  36. Giardia diagnosis for birds is often done with fecal floats.

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