Pooh's Elvenar Quiz # 1

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So you think you know all there is to know about the game of Elvenar? Pooh will post ten questions every week in the 'Elvenar Platinum Leaf' Facebook group to test you. Let's see how well you do!

If you want to learn more about the game, check out the links in our Master Index; spend five minutes a day browsing the FAQ Tips of the Day - and watch some of our YouTube videos!

Created by: Jack Luyt

  1. Can you access the Elvenar Forums or Wiki from inside your city?
  2. Which Culture Building gives both Population & Culture?
  3. You cannot join another fellowship for 24 hours after leaving your old one. True or false?
  4. To build a Dwarven Portal you need:
  5. After building the Dwarven Settlement: Portal, Granite Mines, and Copper Foundries, you can trade their productions with other players.
  6. How many Mages can a fellowship have?
  7. The units of both Elves and Humans have equal strength but their tactical style is a bit different. True or False?
  8. Which of these units is not of the Mage type?
  9. There are 'Hotkey' shortcuts in the game. If you hit the T on your keyboard, it takes you to Trader, F = Fellowship, W = World Map etc. Is there a way to open the Builder's Hut without actually going there?
  10. Hows many Worlds can you play in using one account on the US (North American) server?
  11. Is there a Zoom control in Elvenar?
  12. Is it possible to Cut and paste text from the Elvenar Chat boxes and the Message inbox?

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