Pink or blue..think you know? Take my quiz!

This is for people who know me (Fawn) or my husband (Ben). We thought it would be a fun way to reveal the results of our sonogram completed today on 04-03-2007. Hope you guess the right answers! Even if you don't, the result is revealed at the end. Thanks for caring and taking my quiz!!

Pregnancy is tough. Having two little girls is tough. Your husband wanting a boy so bad he can taste it is a tough order to fill. Already having tons of that a good thing, or bad? Find out when you take this quiz!!

Created by: Fawn

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  1. Ben was disappointed.
  2. During the sonogram, the sonographer asked me to think of something sweet and then sour.
  3. Good thing we have lots of pink!
  4. The sonogram revealed that our baby was making fists like a UFC fighter in the womb.
  5. The sonogram revealed that the baby was making credit card swiping motions in the womb, and then said, "Oh yeah, its definitely a girl!"
  6. The doctor was shocked by the amazingly huge penis seen on the ultrasound screen.
  7. The doctor joked to Ben about being the only testosterone in his house.
  8. The doctor joked that we need to have ONE more baby after this.
  9. The sonographer said the baby was 'sitting comfortably on mommy's bladder.'
  10. Its a girl! No doubt about it. Girls rule the house baby! Rock on!! And she is healthy!
  11. Its a boy! No doubt about it. Ben has someone on his side now and is on cloud nine.. and baby is healthy!
  12. My due date has changed drastically.
  13. Better start shopping for lots of blue!
  14. During the sonogram, I had to get up to pee twice.
  15. Guess one of us better get fixed after the birth of this one.
  16. I guess we are not done having kids yet until Ben gets his son.

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