In the show ‘Avatar the last air bender’ there is Mai, Ty lee, and Azula. Mai is Smart, Ty lee is Kind, and Azula is Cunning. You could possibly be all three.

Who will you get? All three are great a beautiful. Take the quiz to find out:) I do not own ‘Avatar the last air bender’ or the characters, I only own the question.

Created by: Whoknows
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like knifes or any sharp objects?
  2. What do you think about revenge?
  3. If a friend betrayed you, would you give them a second chance?
  4. Are you an active person?
  5. Do you like people or animals more?
  6. How are your grades? (If your not in school how was your grades?)
  7. How well do you do things?
  8. Do you set a goal? And if you do, do you stick by it?
  9. Ever been on a date?
  10. Had a crush on someone?
  11. How’s your relationship with you parents?
  12. Any siblings?

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