Personality Types and Careers

There are many careers, and choosing one can be very difficult. Many times, having a certain personality helps someone fit better into a career. This quiz will determine your personality type.

Also, for each personality type, possible careers are listed. Many people with these careers fit into the type. There are seven personality types here. They are: The Leader, The Artist, The Doer, The Thinker, The Mechanic, The Strategist, and The Nurturer.

Created by: Hannah Sleeper
  1. Do you enjoy problem solving?
  2. Which type of environment do you prefer?
  3. Do you focus more on the future or the present?
  4. Do you prefer working with others or working alone?
  5. Are you a good leader, or do you prefer being a follower?
  6. Which are you more likely to struggle with?
  7. Do you like or dislike detail-oriented activities?
  8. Do you value and enjoy using knowledge?
  9. Do you prefer theoretical or hands-on work?
  10. Do you want action-oriented work?
  11. Do you prefer acting quickly or analyzing?
  12. Do you enjoy a challenge?
  13. Do you communicate well with others?
  14. Do you dislike being told what to do?
  15. Do you dislike routine tasks and rules/schedules?
  16. Are you logical, or observant?
  17. Do you enjoy creating things, or learning how things function?
  18. Are you organized/structured, or resourceful?
  19. Are you a risk-taker, or responsible/dependable?
  20. Are you self-confident, or do you hold yourself to high standards?
  21. Do you trust others' answers or your own more?
  22. Would you like to be original/unconventional in work?
  23. Do you consider yourself to be admired/well liked, or decisive?
  24. Do you teach others things you know, or do you use your time well?
  25. Which of these do you think you are?
  26. Which of these do you think you are? (cont.)

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