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There are many different people on this earth, so there are many different personalities. Each person is unique and individual. Some personalities, such as happy, are good. Other personalities, such as selfish, are bad. If you try to define yourself, but find that you can't, try my quiz. You can see yourself in a different point of view.

Do YOU have a good personality? Have you been wondering this yourself lately? Well with this 12 question quiz, you can find out! I may not have all of the personalities in the whole world, but there are a variety of different endings. Just think! You can take the quiz over and over again and possibly not even get the same one twice! Good Luck!

Created by: Katie

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  1. If somebody you did not know was crying by the door of a building you were about to go in to, what would you do?
  2. If a friend came and asked you for money, what would you say/do?
  3. If you and your best friend had a crush on the same person, what would you do/say?
  4. If you and a friend were in a HUGE fight, would you still care about them?
  5. How often do you listen to your parents?
  6. How much do you care about school?
  7. Do you make fun of people?
  8. How much do you like school?
  9. If your friend were smoking, and a teacher were coming, what would you do?
  10. What's your opinion on teacher's pets?

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