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per·son·al·i·ty (pí»rs-nl-t) n. pl.per·son·al·i·ties 1. The quality or condition of being a person. 2. The totality of qualities and traits, as of character or behavior, that are peculiar to a specific person. 3. The pattern of collective character, behavioral, temperamental, emotional, and mental traits of a person: Though their personalities differed, they got along as friends. 4. Distinctive qualities of a person, especially those distinguishing personal characteristics that make one socially appealing: won the election more on personality than on capability. See Synonyms at disposition. 5. a. A person as the embodiment of distinctive traits of mind and behavior. b. A person of prominence or notoriety: television personalities. 6. An offensively personal

Created by: marina

  1. What do you do in your free time?
  2. Who would you want to meet most ?
  3. You see a man on the floor bleeding what do you do
  4. What is your fave object
  5. Favorite artist
  6. Shoe
  7. What job do you want
  8. WHat would you do on your perf date
  9. What color is your aura?
  10. If you had to get a piercing where would it be?

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