Percy Jackson: People and Gods

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How well do YOU know the people and gods in Percy Jackson? Take this quiz to find out! This is the first of my Percy Jackson trivia quizzes, but there will be more soon!

I hope you enjoy my quiz! The Percy Jackson books are my second favorite book series and I am currently reading the second Heroes of Olympus book, The Son of Neptune. I have read all the Percy Jackson books and they are soooo AWESOME!

Created by: thestralblade

  1. Directions: Welcome to part one of the quiz! This part consists of 5 questions asking about the demigods. Have fun! First Question: Who is Annabeth's mom?
  2. Thalia is a daughter of _________, but later joined the hunt and so did __________, who died in battle.
  3. Nico and Bianca's father is who?
  4. True or False and why? Silena and Beckendorf both died. Silena was a daughter of Aphrodite and Beckendorf a son of Hermes.
  5. Which of the choices has an accurate list of Percy's friends through ALL the books?
  6. Directions: Welcome to part two of this quiz! This part consists of 3 questions asking about the gods. Have fun! Question: Who is the god of fire?
  7. Which of these gods has Percy NEVER had come to him?
  8. What god has Percy gotten in a fight with?
  9. You've have now reached Part 3! Part three consists of two questions about Camp Halfblood's other members. Question: Who is Chiron?
  10. Who is Grover's girlfriend?

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