Percy Jackson Obscure Facts Trivia

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Are you a true Percy Jackson fan? How many details from the books do you recall? Here are some specific, slightly obscure questions about Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Be warned, though; these aren't easy questions. So maybe I threw in two or three easy ones to make sure you leave with some pride, but I'll be proud of you if you get a B or above. Good luck!

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  1. What lead Percy to Hephaestus?
  2. On the "Thrill Ride of Love", Annabeth sees a Greek letter on the base of one of the statues. Which letter is it?
  3. When Apollo helps Percy on his quest, which fake name does he use?
  4. Fill in the blanks of this conversation: "Percy, they're going to think you're ______." "I am ______." (Answer in terms of first blank; second blank.)
  5. What does Clarisse say she'll do if Polyphemus lets her go?
  6. (Part one of two) Who is Percy's namesake, Perseus, famous for rescuing?
  7. (Part two of two) What was Perseus' reward for rescuing her?
  8. What kind of car does Gabe drive?
  9. Why does Sally say she married Gabe?
  10. Who is Michael Yew's godly parent? Who did Michael succeed? And Who was Michael's successor after his death?
  11. What is Rachel's middle name?

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