Percy Jackson Love Story part 15

Well, yeah...Here is the moment everybody has been waiting for in bated breath whether you like this guy or not....Well, good luck sorting out your feelings after this....

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. You heard Medusa's head hit the ground with a sickening thud. You groped around for her sunglasses, shoving them on her face non too carefully. You finally opened your eyes. "Percy, Grover, you can come out now!" You cry as you wrap Medusa's bloody head in her turban. Percy comes bounding out of the sea of statues with a big grin on his face. It immediately fades when he sees the head in your hands. "Oh, EW! Why didn't it disintegrate with the rest of her?!" he exclaims as you stuff it to the bottom of you bag. "Once it's severed, it's a spoil of war," you say matter-of-factly, "And face it, we might need it later!" "She's right," says Grover, "So where to now, huh, Perce?" "Uh...erm..Would you let me sleep on that?" asks Percy. You roll your eyes and smile at him. "But for now, lets get out of here. These statues are creeping me out.."
  2. You end up in the forest, but it's better then Medusa's lair, right? You squirm around until both you and your injured leg are comfortable. Percy wants to feed you more ambrosia, but Grover says you have too much in your system. So, you all go to sleep. Well, Percy sleeps. You and Grover were both pretending, apparently. Because, just as you were drifting off, you heard a rustling. You didn't dare more. "O goddess, accept my offering!" He whispers into the night. "Grover?" Your heart constricts as you hear Luke's voice ring out. "Shh, Luke, they're sleeping," Grover says. "Why didn't you tell me that you took her! I've been having a heart attack, looking for her everywhere! Her friends have been crying all day! I thought she was...I though she was dead!" Luke whispers furiously. "I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you, but she didn't want to face saying goodbye to you." "Tell me everything."
  3. Grover tells Luke everything all right- everything from leaving camp to why you where sleeping in the forest. But he omits your injury. But Luke seems to know something is missing. "Is she okay? Has she been hurt or anything?" He asks, sound so eager you want to cry. Grover sighs. "No. She got poisoned by Euryale. It started in her leg, but it's spreading. If it gets to her heart before we can get her more help, she will die," he says, forlorn. "Wh-what? NO! SHE CAN'T DIE! If she dies..." Luke says, and you can HEAR him raking his hands through his hair. "Luke, please be quite, or you'll wake her!" "C-can I just s-see h-her? PLEASE?!" Luke sounds close to tears. You decide you can't stand it any longer. You fly to a sitting position, screaming your head off (half from pain, half from pretending to wake up from a bad dream.) You see Grover aiming a sleeping Percy's hand at Luke's projection as it sprays water in his direction. "L-Luke? Is that you?" You ask as you rub your eyes.
  4. "Yes, Princess. It's me. How are you feeling?" He asks, sounding earnest. "My leg hurts," You say bluntly. He grins a little, glad he can see you. "I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye." His head suddenly shoots up to meet your eyes. "I never want you to say goodbye, Vi. I want you to stay by my side forever and always."
  5. You smile at him gently. "I promise," you say in a small voice. "Good. Now get some rest. Goodnight, Violet," says Luke. "Goodnight Luke," you say and rearrange yourself until you are comfortable again. You pretend to drift off, breathing deeply, making no noise and not moving. And just when you think Luke is gone, you hear, "Keep her alive. If she dies....Olypmus is gonna have one helluva problem...." Luke threatens. "I promise. I'll keep her breathing," says Grover tiredly. "Oh, my furry friend. Not just that. I want you to keep her smiling, laughing, speaking, thinking...I want you to keep her Violet Wilde." "Luke. I promise." "Thank you, Grover. Keep me posted." Luke says, now sounding resigned. "I will," responses Grover, matching his tone. "And...tell her...tell her I love her." "Don't worry, Luke! Now, go get some sleep yourself. You look beat." "Thanks Grover. Take care of yourself." "'Night, Luke." And then the world goes black.
  6. In your dream, you were at Camp. In Cabin 11. You were standing behind Luke. His head was in his hands, and his shoulders were shaking violently. You wanted to put your hand on his shoulder, to calm him, to tell him everything would be okay. But he sits up then, and turns around. His eyes are bloodshot, and tear tracks glisten in the little light from the lamps. He looks at the roof of the Cabin. "Damn you. Find your own lousy lightning bolt." And just as you're expecting Luke to get struck by a bolt of lighting, you find yourself and Luke falling to the depths of the Earth.
  7. Your screams and Luke's yells were ripped away by the rushing wind. It was as if your very voice was being ripped from your throat as you fell into the depths of the Earth. Suddenly, you found yourself standing right on the edge of a deep dark pit, which literally looked like it went on forever....It seemed to be made of darkness, and you could hear souls of the dead whispering in your ear to get back, to go back. You knew what you were staring at. You were staring into the depths of Tarturus. "I see your thought, Luke Castellan. I can see your desires. You are furious with the gods," rumbles a deep, Earth-shaking voice which seems to be emanating from the heart of the pit. "What's it to you?" asks Luke defensively. "I am angry with them to. They cast me into this pit so many years ago...and they have stripped you of everything. You wanted to tear Olympus down brick by brick when you came back from your quest. But you pushed your feelings down. You stayed loyal. Until they took your beloved." You thought it was horrifying how Kronos (well, that's who you thought it was....) knew so much. Luke, still looking defensive facially, now had a look in his eyes like everything the Titan Lord had said was true.
  8. Kronos, seeing the look somehow, carries on. "Yes, Son of Hermes, they have taken her, allowed her to be injured. Violet, I believe the girl's name to be, Daughter of Aphrodite. They have taken her, used her for their own purposes, broken her. Like a toy." Luke's defenses crumble at the sound of your name. He chokes back a sob. "She'll die if she doesn't get treated or something. Not even ambrosia and nectar will work....And it's their fault. Their fault she's on this stupid quest. THEIR FAULT!!!!" Luke doubles over, sobbing his heart out. "Oh, your anger is delicious (thanks Nat!!). Help me, Luke Castellan, help me. Help me rise from the Pit. In return, I will heal the Daughter of Aphrodite. Together, we will bring about a war of the gods- bring about a new era. You will be loved and praised by all. With Violet Wilde at your side," taunts Kronos. "LUKE! NO! DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!" You shriek, even though your voice makes no sound. It's like you're not even there.
  9. "So what do you say, Luke Castellan?" Luke, his eyes glossed over, says, "When do we start?" and Kronos laughs a deep, clear laugh, which chills you to your very core. Then, as if nothing happened, you wake up to the sound of a shrill, ear-piercing scream. You wonder who's screaming. You have a vague idea that it's you. Your eyes burst open and you look all around, taking in the bright sunlight and the shocked and scared looks on Grover and Percy's faces. They're both looking at you inquiringly. "Are you okay, Violet?" asks Percy. You nod, lying of course. You shake off their protests for you to lay back down as you sit up. You want to check your leg's progress. If it's healed.....If it's not....Then everything will be okay. You pull on the bandage, thinking how you'll ask Grover for another one, when you gasp.
  10. Your leg was completely healed.
  11. Kay, kay, DON'T HATE ME!!! IT'S CALLED A CLIFFHANGER!!! I'm good at those, huh? Well, yeah. Tune in for part 16 coming as soon as I get it together. As usual, feel free to comment, rate and email me at ANY TIME. My email is calypso1315@gmail(.)com. And I have no life, so I check my comments everyday!! So, yeah...Have a nice day!!!

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