Percy Jackson: are you a demigod?

When I read the Percy Jackson Series, I wanted to know if I was a demigod or not. I tried to takea quiz online, but they were all confusing and unclear about my outcome.

That is why I chose to make this quiz. I have never made a quiz before so it may not be very good, but I hope it is better then others and you enjoy it!

Created by: Eva Lane
  1. You suspect one or more of your teachers may not be human.
  2. You have A.D.H.D.
  3. You have dyslexia
  4. Things have happened in your life you cannot explain
  5. Sometimes you wonder if your mom or dad may not be your real parent.
  6. You have a friend who doesn't seem exactly... normal.
  7. Sometimes you feel as if you are being watched but no one is behind you.
  8. You have strange and vivid dreams like ones Percy has.
  9. You are afraid of things that don't seem quie logical, such as spiders, enclosed spaces, or shoes that don't match your outfit.
  10. You have met only one of your parents.

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Quiz topic: Percy Jackson: am I a demigod?