Parker, Joey, Liv, or Maddie?

There are many quizzes, but which one truly reveals your inner self? We're hoping it's this one. There are four types of people in the world: there are jocks, nerds, preps, and everything in between.

Liv and Maddie is about two girls who are so similar, yet so different. Their two brothers are both slightly quirky in their own ways. Are you the famous paparazzi loving superstar, the ultra-competitive, basketball jock with a little girly side, or one of the two different but hilarious sidekicks? (Or as they like to call them; brothers)

Created by: Emily

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  1. When left in the house on your own, what is the first thing you go to do?
  2. Your sibling has a big event but you really don't want to go. What do you say to your parents when they tell you it's time to go?
  3. Somebody tells you that they have a crush on you but you don't like them. What do you do?
  4. Which Halloween costume do you pick?
  5. Somebody starts to bully you. What do you do?
  6. Somebody breaks up with you. How do you handle it?
  7. You get to decide what kind of movie you will watch tonight. What genre will it be?
  8. Which after-school activity interests you most?
  9. You win a free vacation. The perk is-you get to decide where! So where?
  10. Birthday time! What's your party theme?

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