Own that horseyy

This quiz will give you some advice on what horse you should maybe look for and what to look in them for.i think the prople with the lower scores should wait and keep doing lessons and take your time you are in no rush.

If you have a higher score well what are you doing not leasing or looking for a horse get up and work to make your riding even better.when you get a horse tKe your time you are in no rush!!!

Created by: Brianna

  1. Your match horse has to be like
  2. Match horse color
  3. Will you show this horse
  4. How old will it be
  5. What breed
  6. What horse will it not be
  7. What will be its tack color
  8. Will you train it for almost anything to please you
  9. Have you leased
  10. How long have you been riding

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