Ever wanted to know, how obsessed you are with OUAT, same, thats why her lays the quiz, at your fingertips, you can declare yourself the mast of OUAT, tr the miniscule peasents of my village!

Feel free, to learn a lot about both your attention to detail, but also the lovel of your social life, by finding out if you actually do anything with your life or you just watch Netflix, like myself!

Created by: Caitlin

  1. What episode were we introduced to Belle French?
  2. Who does Red start her journey in the Enchanted Forest with?
  3. What is Regina's first love called?
  4. What deal does Rumple have with Hades?
  5. What is Bae's name in the real world?
  6. Who is Peter Pan's son?
  7. Who was Snow Whites first kiss?
  8. What website did Henry find Emma on?
  9. What is the licence plate on Cruella's car?
  10. What did Zelena use to enact a time travel spell?
  11. When Belle, chipped one of Rumple's cups, what was his reaction?
  12. Why does Rumple want Hook dead?
  13. What 3 villain's kidnapped Belle?
  14. How long were Snow White and Prince Charming separated from their daughter?
  15. What did Emma and Henry call their mission to destroy the first curse?
  16. What do Emma and Henry like on their hot cocoa?
  17. Who was Merlin's first love?
  18. Who is Pongo's owner?
  19. What was Grumpy's name before?
  20. What was Maleficent's daughter's name?

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