On The Intermediate Study of 4Chan

Cheese graters are dangerous weapons. So is the internet. To survive and retain one's complete intelligence in this barren, stagnant wasteland, one must maintain at least an intermediate knowledge of 4Chan and related studies. This quiz is designed to determine how one scores in this field.

WARNING: Cleverbot is a huge racist. WARNING: A zombie outbreak has occured at this location. WARNING: A pack of wild viking SPAMmers has been spotted at the Green Midget Cafe in Bromley. WARNING: The determination of the presidency of the JSA has not involved at least 100 voters since Last Thursday.

Created by: E. Lunatic

  1. Which of the following is NOT acceptable legal tender?
  2. What is it?
  3. What are we?
  4. Tacgnol is...
  5. Rules of the Internets: 34 is to 35 as 84 is to...
  6. Who absolutely CANNOT set rules of the internet?
  7. Desu?
  9. Are you offended?
  10. so i herd u liek mudkipz?
  11. Snacks!
  12. When did it occur? 4Chan is created.
  13. The most recent point at which your mother was the most promiscuous creature on the planet Earth.
  14. Hoomanz percieve events leading to Catnarok.
  15. A surprisingly large portion of yuppies were once __. Many of them circumvented the proper procedure by never becoming an __.
  16. Of the following, which is the most sick and perverted act?
  17. Anonymous. What did they do?
  18. ¡¡Çsɐǝ1d oɐu ʎʇʌɐɹb ɥǝʇ ʞɐq uo uɹnʇ
  19. The original EFG, how did he die?
  20. And what happened when his bastard son found the internets?
  21. Barrel roll.
  22. Durp?
  23. Which is awesomeist faec?
  24. Of the following ethnic minorities, which is the Western world most ignorant of the culture of?
  25. Underused meme is underused.
  26. Forced meme is forced.
  27. Which of the following contains British humour?
  28. The first proponents of 4Chan, they were...

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